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We are proud to help nurture the spiritual, emotional, and mental growth of our children. Together as a team, we work towards the common goal of developing a young adult who will continue his/her walk with the Lord throughout their life.


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Covenant Kids (Birth – 5th Grade)

We provide childcare for infants up to 4-year-olds from 9:45-11:15am every Sunday in our Nursery on the upper level.

Children who are 4 years old through 5th grade are invited to learn and grow with us in The Kingdom every Sunday.  Our wish in The Kingdom is for children to experience connection to God and to one another and to grow and deepen their spiritual lives. We do that by offering two spiritual growth models we really believe in: Godly Play and Prayer & Praise. In Godly Play, there is a story called “Ten Best Ways” to live. This is the story of the Ten Commandments that God gave to God’s People. We have formatted this introduction to be the “Ten Best Ways” for parents, so that you, the parent, can share more fully in your child’s spiritual growth experience in the Kingdom.

Godly Play is Jerome Berryman’s interpretation of Montessori religious education, and is an imaginative approach to working with children. It supports, challenges, nourishes and helps guide their spiritual quest. Godly Play assumes that children have some experience of the mystery of the presence of God in their lives, but that they lack the language, the permission and the understanding to express and enjoy that spiritual experience in our secular culture. In Godly Play, we enter into our parables, sacred stories, silence and liturgy in order to discover God ourselves, one another and the world around us. [Excerpt from The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol. 2, by Jerome Berryman].

Youth Ministry for 6th -12th Grade

At Covenant, we are committed to helping youth connect their story with God's love and grace, while providing opportunities to serve as leaders in the church.  Covenant is committed first and foremost to being a safe place for youth, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or abilities. 

As part of our mission to honor the sacredness of all youth, we invite youth to participate regularly in leading worship on Sunday mornings through music, reading scripture, or sharing testimonies about the ways they have grown in their faith.  In all we do, youth are encouraged to talk openly about and ask tough questions.

Most of the youth programming at Covenant is done in partnership with other local churches.  We participate in a qarterly gathering called "Teen Fusion" and invite neighborhood youth groups to join us for meals, bowling and other fun outings!  At Covenant, we believe we are better together as we commit to creating a safe space where all youth belong.

In the winter, we partner with multiple churches in the Denver Presbytery on a retreat called "Rest Fest."  Life has become so fast and changing that keeping up becomes so draining.  At Rest Fest, we learn how rest can be a spiritual discipline to integrate into our lives. 

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